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Taking care of each other

COVID-19 self testing helps you get back to the people, places and things you love to do

COVID-19 RT-PCR Self- Swab Tests

Private Health provides a convenient and reliable testing service with guaranteed access and results turnaround using self-administered sample collection at home or at work. Our team of experts continually validates the latest technologies to provide the highest quality tests from CLIA-certified laboratories, with expedited results within 24 hours of lab receipt. Our clinicians call everyone who tests positive to provide personalized clinical counseling and support.

How It Works

Complete the Consent Form

Collect Your Sample

Send Test Sample to Lab

Results with 24 Hours of Lab Receipt

Personalized Clinical Counselling and Guidance

PHM RT-PCR Self-Swab Test

Reliable access to high quality, rapid result, self-administered tests with end-to-end support

1. Gold Standard Test Kits

Receive high quality self-sample RT-PCR test kits with the option to test for influenzas and other respiratory diseases from the same sample

2. CLIA-Certified Laboratories

Follow the simple instructions for sample collection and return to our CLIA-certified lab for priority processing

3. Guaranteed Expedited Results Delivery

Results will be delivered to you in a secure communication 24 hours after receipt of lab

4. Personalized Clinical Counseling and Guidance

Individuals who test positive receive personalized counseling and guidance with a Private Health clinician

About Private Health

Private Health Management (PHM) is an innovative healthcare company providing holistic care management for individuals and families and health risk mitigation for businesses. From routine and preventative care to serious or complex conditions, PHM’s integrated clinical approach and proprietary resources deliver more accurate diagnoses, optimal treatments and better outcomes that consistently improve, extend, and save lives. We go further to find the best of what’s possible in medicine.