Thank You

Thank you for completing the Private Health Management consent form. To take your COVID-19 test and get your results quickly, follow the steps below. 

If Using Rapid Antigen Testing

Collect Your Sample

Read the instructions provided before taking your test

Receive Your Test Result

Results should be read promptly after 15 minutes. To check for a positive result, look at the result window for two pink or purple lines. Read instructions for details.

If Positive Test Result

Collect a RT-PCR sample included in your kit and follow the steps below. Contact Private Health for personalized counselling and guidance. 

If Using RT-PCR-Testing

Collect Your Sample

Read the instructions and watch the video before taking your test

Learn How to Take the Test

Mail Your Sample

Return your sample to our CLIA certified lab for priority processing using the overnight return package

Receive Your Test Result

Receive your confidential test result within 24 hours of lab receipt

Receive Clinical Counselling

If you test positive, you’ll receive a call from a Private Health clinician for personalized counselling and guidance